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New Boilers

New Boilers from USA Supplier

There is obviously a premium to be paid for purchasing boilers in the United States, as both a cost of manufacture and the cost of shipping is more expensive than Asian supply.

Offsetting the extra expense we believe the following factors contribute to making a more level of playing field for the offer of these boilers.

  • Design, manufacture and drawings all done within the company.
  • Guarantees of quality assurance during the manufacturing phase.
  • Materials supplied with guaranteed certificates and heat numbers from know suppliers.
  • Packaged boilers built up to 140MW in size.
  • Manufacturer has a long history of making quality boilers.
  • The the large sizes, over 20MW, the boilers are very competitively priced, even against the Asian manufacturers.

New Boiler from Asian Supplier

We have imported several of these units over the past 10 years and have found the quality and workmanship to be very good.

Problems with these boilers have been few and far between except where operating circumstances were not adhered to, causing detriment to the plant. The advantages of going with this supply are:

  • Manufacturing takes place in an our time zone thus making communication and correspondence easy.
  • Reduced price due to lower manufacturing and shipping costs
  • Reduced shipping time can help with reduced delivery times, which for a lot of companies are very tight.
  • Site visits for milestone events are far easier to attend with same-day viewings possible.
  • Reduced weather damage due to a much shorter shipping time.