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Control Upgrades

Boiler Control Upgrades

We have the expertise and experience to carry out upgrades on a variety of burner and combustion systems:

  • Burner Upgrades
  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Gas Conversions. LPG to Natural Gas or Natural Gas to LPG
  • Control Upgrades
  • Air fuel ratio system installation and commissioning

All of our technicians are accredited in both the Siemens LMV Air/Fuel Ratio Controller and the Autoflame Air/Fuel Ratio Controller.

New boiler controls can provide major gains in energy efficiency, performance, and safety at a much lower cost than replacing boilers. Older-generation boiler controls used mechanical linkages. With age and use, linkages wear and go out of adjustment, reducing the unit’s efficiency. Older-generation controls also suffer from offset, which occurs when the system operates close to, but not exactly at, the desired setting.

Today’s boiler controls incorporate microprocessors, solid-state sensors, and independent servo motors, which give managers accurate and reliable operation, eliminating problems such as offset.

When evaluating control options, it is important to remember boiler controls perform three basic functions: combustion control; water-level control; and flame safeguarding. If a facility uses multiple boilers, the control system must perform a fourth function: sequencing. Facility managers must factor all of these issues into their control decisions. Three types of boiler controls to consider upgrading are flue gas trim, sequencing and automatic blowdown.