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Fired packaged watertube boilers

Fired packaged watertube boilers

RENTECH BOILER SYSTEMS is the industry leader in direct fired boilers. RENTECH offers designs based on application and operating conditions, including a full range of custom-designed direct fired packaged boiler systems to meet the most demanding project requirements.

Design Features

  • Available for steam capacities up to 500,000 lbs/hr, 1800 PSIG and 1000°F
  • Factory assembled natural circulation water tube designs
  • Completely drainable convective superheater operates at lower gas side temperatures, which extends superheater life
  • Two-stage convective superheaters dramatically improve performance over turndown
  • Conservative steam drum sizing (employs chevron vane separation technology that minimizes moisture carryover)
  • Design features to accommodate high cycling operation
  • 100% membrane wall fabrication provides a fully water-cooled furnace with zero gas by pass and inherently lower emissions
  • No use of refractory walls or refractory seals
  • Custom-engineered design for each application
  • Elevated drums can be provided to accommodate project requirements
  • Five year warranty on our headered front and rear membrane walls
  • Integrated SCR and CO systems for single source responsibility

Membrane Construction

  • Waterwall technology used in all designs
  • Saturated or superheated steam application
  • Reduces operating costs by requiring less maintenance to repair or replace damaged refractory
  • Enables faster startup and cool down

Headered Waterwall Design

The exclusive RENTECH BOILER SYSTEMS headered membrane front and rear walls eliminate the problems associated with other designs, including some that still employ refractory on the front and rear walls or the use of water-cooled rear furnace walls with massive refractory on the front and rear walls or the use of water-cooled rear furnace walls with massive refractory seals.

  • No use of refractory walls and seals
  • Allows for quicker startups and shutdowns
  • “O” type or “A” type configurations available
  • Extended life due to a cooler furnace environment
  • Lower CO emissions and optimized furnace design for ultra-low NOx applications

“D” Type Watertube Boilers

  • Heavy industrial applications burning gas, oil, refinery gas, hydrogen and off-gas fuels
  • Furnaces can be custom designed to fit site-specific requirements or for applications requiring integration of low emissions burner and SCR technologies
  • Single piece design, partial field erection or total field erection

“A” and “O” Type Watertube Boilers

  • Convection banks designed for tight control of gas velocities
  • Custom designed for various fuel compositions, firing methods and allowable emissions

Single Pass “O” Type Watertube Boilers

  • For lower pressure, gas-fired applications
  • Low gas side pressure drop
  • Low fan horsepower
  • Large furnace cross section
  • Symmetrical design for ease of shipment