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Refurbished Boilers

Refurbished Boilers

Pacific Boilers has been refurbishing large water tube boilers in this country since 2002 and has supplied many of Australia’s largest companies over that period.

We have always concentrated on the upper (larger) end of this market as our background was in large boilers with various Australian boiler companies, before this company was started.

Pacific Boilers have many refurbished boilers in Australia which have been in service at least 10 years and are still running fine.

Some of the companies who have installed our boilers at their plants include the following.

  • Murray Goulburn Co-Operative
  • Inghams Enterprises Limited
  • J. Bush & Sons.
  • Cedenco Pty Ltd (Kagomi)
  • Manildra Pty Ltd.
  • Tasmanian Dairies Pty Ltd.
  • Incitec Pivot Pty Ltd

Boilers are usually offered new, but we do occasionally get good second-hand units which we refurbish and repaint for sale.

Refurbishment of user owned equipment

As our company specializes in refurbishing our own boilers, we can likewise offer this service for client owned equipment.

We can perform upgrades on your boiler to install the latest in low NOX technology along with the latest electronics and burner controls.

Our electrical panels and software are well done by a company which we have used since day one.

Pacific Boilers has specialized in the manufacture of boiler control equipment for at least 25 years and have experience second to none.

Refurbishment of Boilers

The main criteria for boiler refurbishment is the quality (condition) of the pressure parts. We will not buy boilers unless the pressure parts are of sufficient condition as to offer a new owner at least 10 years of trouble free service.

This is achieved by performing a thorough inspection of the pressure parts including ultrasonic thickness testing and internal tube inspection at the point of purchase, thus ensuring a quality product.

On most refurbished boilers we offer the following NEW equipment

  • New control panel and P.L.C. & H.M.I.
  • New gas train & pressure switches.
  • New gas regulator and filter.
  • New gauge glass mounts..
  • New self checking water level controls
  • New gas and air modulation motors.
  • New burner controls. (Siemens L.M.V. 52)
  • New feedwater pumps (Grundfos)
  • New feedwater modulation valve (Siemens)
  • New flame scanners. (Siemens)
  • New auto blowdown valve.
  • New field wiring.
  • New feedwater valves and strainers

Refurbished boiler warranty

We offer a full 6 month warranty on the boiler pressure parts for all our refurbished boilers. This is complimented by a 3 month warranty on all workmanship and a 12 month warranty on all new equipment.