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Steam Trap Sets

Steam Trap Sets

A range of fabricated steam trap stations have been designed to provide a convenient ‘ready-to-install’ trapping solution which has an upstream isolation valve, quick-fit connector with strainer, check valve and a downstream isolation valve.

  • Compatible steam trap options – provides flexible supply and selection.
  • Sealed design ensures zero leakage and reduces lifetime cost.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long and trouble-free life with good corrosion resistance and cleanliness.
  • Simple and safe operation, through easy indication of valve position and ‘two-bolt’ steam trap connection.

Condensation will tend to form on pipe walls due to heat loss and the force of gravity will make the condensation fall to the bottom of the pipe. Only a small pipe is required for the steam trap, however a large pocket is needed to ensure that condensation is collected rather than being swept past by the fast flow. The pockets also act as reservoirs which help reduce peak demands on the trap especially during start up. The size of the pockets depends on the size of the pipe and the expected steam load.

Even if condensation is correctly drained, there may be some water droplets or mist mixed in with the steam. This can be removed by a device known as a separator. The advantage of using a separator is that completely dry steam can be supplied, which can significantly improve equipment performance.